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An interactive atlas with integrated analysis tools

MIND the MAP is the new marketplace to find earth's most updated geo data library. It is a simple way to explore, visualize and analyze available open and private geo data sources.

For profesional and private use

Anyone who is facing decision making that could be affected by location based data can find use in MIND the MAP - From private citizens to consultants, policy makers and data scientists.

Find geo data easily and Save up to 80% of research time

MIND the MAP saves decision makers the time consuming task of looking for all the data they need in various and scattered data sources and geolocating the data.

Analyze your data

MIND the MAP Provides cross data Analytical Tools and Open Source Web app Modules.

For all devices

MIND the MAP functions on desktops, tablets and mobile. You can search, analyse and share your findings at any time and anywhere.

API to our data

We offer REST API services to our data for developers, data scientists and stratups who need the data for their applications.
Our vision is to be earth’s most updated geo data library


Our team

Netta Beninson


Passion for enabling the usage of spatial, open and big data in decision making processes. Mamram graduate with BA in economics and MA in Urban Planning.

Senior UI/UX designer, experienced with creating big data interfaces, data visualizations and simplifying processes and work flows.